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Komatsu is a super-massive rock band from Eindhoven, the rock capital of the Netherlands.
Their music is a mixture of sludge, stoner rock and metal. Komatsu is praised for their live performances. The press writes: 

“A Komatsu show will let the ground shake and gets your attention from start to finish. It is truly an eargasm for the trained listener. At their live show Komatsu grabs your throat and then not let go”. 

"This fat rolling machine with their bulldozer-rock will effortlessly conquer Europe and other continents!"

Komatsu was formed early 2010. Members of locally acclaimed bands from Eindhoven Rock City joined forces. Their years of musical experience in all kinds of bands and individual creativity created a brutal mix of sludge, stoner rock and metal........KOMATSU is born!

The band released a self-titled EP in 2011. After that, the band focused on live shows and writing material for their first full length album. 'Manu Armata' was released February 2013 and was instantly well received by the international press. It got raving reviews and Komatsu’s music style was compared to bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Torche, Mastodon, Monster Magnet and Karma to Burn.
In 2014 Komatsu went on tour with none other than John Garcia (Vista Chino, ex-Kyuss, Hermano, Unida and Slo Burn) and played 32 shows in 13 European countries.
The summer of 2015 Komatsu recorded the second full-length album ’Recipe for Murder One’ and in the fall of that year Komatsu toured Europe again for three weeks, this time with Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator. After having a great time on the road together, Nick Oliveri decided to work with the band on two songs; ‘Lockdown’ has his lead vocals and on the title track ‘Recipe for Murder One’ he provided backing vocals.

‘Recipe for Murder One’ was released September 2016 and showed that the band gained trust and experience. It took the band on various tours throughout Europe with Duel (Austin, TX) in October 2016 and The Freeks (Los Angeles, CA) in March 2017. During May 2017 ‘Recipe for Murder One’ even took Komatsu to Brazil where the band toured for two weeks.

After playing 85 shows in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, England, The Netherlands, Brazil and Austria in support for the album ’Recipe for Murder One’, Komatsu entered The Void Studio with producer Pieter Kloos in January 2018 to record the new album ‘A New Horizon’.

‘A New Horizon’ will be available September 2018 on Argonauta Records (Vinyl/CD/digital formats) and will mark their return to Europe and Brazil, to once again smash audiences and make sure everybody has a ‘mothersludging’ time!
Fr 16.11.2018   Frankfurt/Main
Elfer Music Club
11,00 €
Einlass: 19:00 –  Beginn: 19:30 –  Anfahrt
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